Say No To Suez Deal

Stop Overcrowding Our Streets and Schools

Demand More Value For Your Tax Dollars

Pave our Roads and Reduce Traffic Congestion



Do you want your children to have lead in their drinking water? Say no to Suez. Say yes to Column B.

What are Dr. Nimisha Shukla patients’ saying about her?

Council Member Sendelsky has voted time and time again to overcrowd your schools and streets. Say no by voting Column B

Proper financial planning is needed for the future of Edison, so our buildings and sewers do not fall into disrepair.

Impact fees and how to help with infrastructure. 

Richard Brescher, current Board of Education member explains why he chose to take this journey and run for Edison Town Council.


Lombardi-Sendelsky Campaign Under Fire From ACLU and NAACP Over Election Flier, Complaint Filed With Feds

Edison Police Officer Claims Harassment; More Election Flier Controversy

No Referendum On Suez, Edison’s Public Hearing Continues on May 2

Two slates of Democratic council candidates will vie for nominations during June primary

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